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The Big Splash is about being WET in the summer and COOL in the winter, by doing a wicked combination of bungy jumping and rafting. With two locally owned and operated companies, we offer an action-packed day, that's on the wild side! Taupo Bungy & Tongariro River Rafting have combined their powers to bring you one fantastic combo deal. What does it include? Transport - from accommodation within Taupo or Turangi and to/from Turangi to Taupo. Bungy Jump - Throw yourself from the highest water touch bungy platform in NZ, at Taupo Bungy. From 47metres high, above the Waikato River, you choose to stay dry or immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters below - from your fingertips to your ankles. Set in a spectacularly scenic location, this is a 'must-do' activity whilst visiting the Taupo region. Rafting Trip - Enjoy a grade 3+ Whitewater Rafting adventure that combines the heart- pumping action of more than 60 rapids (with an expert guide at the helm) and plenty of spectacular, unspoilt wilderness - as a large part of this trip can only be accessed by raft or kayak. During, challenge your limits by daring to do the cliff jump and take in the commentary from our knowledgeable and professional guides. Trip 2 - 2.5hrs Food - Granny's "Secret Recipe" Soup included in Winter. Deli style dinner included in Summer. USB - Get a 2GB USB with all your photographic memories loaded on. Receive a minimum of 5 professional photos of both your bungy and rafting experiences, as well as in-raft camera shots taken by you! Plenty of extra room to add on your own photos as well.
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