Whitewater Rafting

$145.00 $129.00

You'll start your unforgettable adventure with an on-shore safety briefing and paddle instructions with one of our...

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Family Floats

$99.00 $85.00

Ideal for families and nature lovers of all ages, our Family Floats are the perfect introduction to white water rafting!

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Rafting Vacations

$1,150.00 $950.00

There is something magical about an overnight rafting trip. Good friends, good food, plenty of laughs and the sound...


Raft Fishing

$700.00 $0.00

The Tongariro River is world famous for its trout fishing. Most of the upper river however can only be reached by...

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Raft & Jet Boat

$219.00 $175.00

Lake Taupo's most exciting white water adventure. Hukafalls Jet and Rafting Combo

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Raft & Skydive

$365.00 $365.00

The Ultimate Adrenalin rush – skydiving and white water rafting in the stunning Lake Taupo region. Two of Lake...

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Raft & Float Plane

$329.00 $329.00

Enjoy an exciting and scenic 20 minute flight in Taupo’s Floatplane to the southern end of Lake Taupo, taking in...

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Raft & Bungy Jump

$270.00 $270.00

The Big Splash is about being WET in the summer and COOL in the winter, by doing a wicked combination of bungy...

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Raft & Mountain Bike

$215.00 $215.00

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Raft & Sled

$135.00 $114.00

• Full day experience or can be split over two days
• Family Float Grade 2 white water rafting package

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Winter Family Special

$54.00 $39.00

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Tongariro River Trail

$65.00 $65.00

The Tongariro River track is a great trail for beginners or children. It follows this world famous trout river past...

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Tree Trunk Gorge

$115.00 $115.00

The track is only 10kms but along the way you can also check out the awesome site of the Pillars of Hercules before...

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Mountain Bike Hire

$25.00 $25.00

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Tongariro Access 14

$145.00 $145.00

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Float & Kids Fishing

$105.00 $99.00

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Blue Duck Experience

$179.00 $179.00

Join us for a morning of rafting, learning about and helping our Blue Duck Project on the Tongariro River.

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