Tongariro Blue Duck Experience

$179.00 $179.00


We are at 95 Atirau Rd. Meet at our base 15mins before departure time.

Swimwear Towel Sense of adventure

Minimum age is 10yrs. Please meet at our rafting base 15 minutes before departure time.

In 2008 TRR owner Garth Oakden along with Nick Singers and Craig Morey founded The Blue Duck Project on The Tongariro River. The aim was to trap pests to protect the Whio (Blue Duck) of which there are only 3000 nationally. This project has been unbelievably successful with duck numbers on the river now reaching to almost 30 pairs. Join us in discovering how the project has achieved the outcomes that it has on this unique rafting trip. Combine the grade 3 whitewater with an Eco experience. These are small personal tours with no more than 10 people per trip

This trip is run on the grade three section of the Tongariro River. But instead of just rafting down you will have the opportunity to go out and see the blue duck project in action. This will involve getting out of the rafts, walking the trapping lines and ensuring that the traps are all charged and set to go. You can do as much or as little as you like and since they are all gas powered, automatic traps they are easy to handle.

Along with helping with the traps, you will also be helping the project financially as a portion of the trip price paid will go directly into the trust.